I love the new Challenger!

So, as most of you know by now, 23.2 has been released and in this update came the brand new business jet, the Challenger 350. It is a beauty and I love it! Here are some shots I have taken of it over the past couple days of this fantastic airplane!

Server- various
Location- various
Plane- CL35

NetJets blasting out of Key West

Vista Jet with the mountains in Innsbruck

FlexJet landing as Aspen

And my favorite livery on the Challenger, the custom livery baking over France as it climbs to FL450!

Hope you like these shots!


Looks like you’re Flex(jet)ing! On your new CL35 :)

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I flew the Challenger from Seattle to Whitehorse yesterday, and the Alaskan mountains are absolutely stunning from FL450.

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Nice pics! Glad you like this one😉


Thanks for making it!

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