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Over the past few weeks, I have been spending quite a lot of time on the expert server, exploring various routes. A lot of them were scenic beyond belief, so I decided to put on my geek glasses, take photos, edit them on Snapseed, and alas, upload them on here for everyone…almost everyone…a couple people…ok, for you one individual who bothered to click on this post to look at.

Server: Expert
Route: Singapore to Los Angeles (WSSS - KLAX)
Life: error not found


Departure out of Singapore Changi Airport. Fun fact, if you ask politely, the air hostesses will let you open the cabin doors mid flight so you can fly your DJI Mavic Pro 3 Drone outside the plane. That’s how I got this shot.

After about 7 seconds of scrolling through the replay, I mean, 15 hours of flying, I managed to take this shot over the pixilated coast of California on decent to Los Angeles. Pro tip: don’t look directly into the sun, no matter how stunning the sunrise looks.

Right before beginning our final approach into LAX, the pilot flying suddenly felt too lazy to complete the rest of the journey, so he came into the main cabin, seat 28A, and asked the person sitting there if he wanted to switch places. So, naturally, that person with 0 IRL flight experience and who plays mobile flight simulators all day made the responsible decision…and said yes! Once I got situated in the cockpit, in a very professional manner, I took out my phone and took this very beautiful picture.

That’s all for today. Thanks to you one individual who was too bored to do anything else and stumbled upon this post. Cya!


That second shot looks so realistic.

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All are * mwah * masterpiece 👌🏾

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Thank you both! 😊

Did you strap a rocket to the back of it? Lol

Nice shots!

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Yes, agreed! Great work!

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They have this cool feature called ‘flight follow mode’. Allows the drone to fly at about 500 miles per hour, pretty cool.

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Much appreciated!

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Ah, ok. Sounds cool

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