I love Long Hauls

Hallo there friends. I just finished a long haul and have some photos(behold, i’m not very good at editing so there are just straight photos)

The little things:
FT: 13:33
Flight Levels: FL290 & FL310
Callsign: Etihad 101 Heavy (IRL Callsign)
Aircraft: 777-300ER in Etihad Livery

At the gate in Abu Dhabi

Cruise over Northern England

Cruise over the Atlantic Ocean

First site of land around Gander

Descent over Martha’s Vineyard

Landing at John F. Kennedy International :)

Parked and unloading at Terminal 4 Gate 02 at JFK International Airport

Welp, that’s all I got. This is actually my first topic knowing how to take the screenshots without the inflight add ons lol. Again, completely unedited photos, all just off the game!

Have a great day and Until next time,
JP ☮️


Favorite photo!!

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thanks man it was a crazy bumpy descent almost flipped over

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That is always what happens around that area

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