I love Infinite Flight! And the devs: thank you!

So just watched the stream replay* and found out that the a330 wasn’t even planned but they still did it for us thank you! So much Laura and Jason FDS!!! AHHHHHH


You can express your gratitude by reviewing Infinite Flight in your App Store. 👍


Exactly this. Remember that even with two 5-star reviews it turns a nonsensical 1-star review into an average of not even 4! (1+5+5 = 11; 11/3 < 4)

So EVERYONE who loves IF should immediately make sure they’ve posted a 5-star review! 😀


Yes but there are less chances of them seeing my review and feedback so

A review can make the difference :)


I don’t think he meant “don’t make a thread like this” - I think threads like this are definitely seen and deeply appreciated by the devs. Just: also make sure you review in the Store (those are seen, too). 😀

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We see & review every single review we receive. Trust me :)

We even try to reply to all of them.


That’s not true like schyllberg said. My review was seen and I even got a response. A rating and review will also impact other people who might want to get the app and also it will help on how Infinite flight with their ranking on the app store :)

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