I love iF but it needs a lot of improvement

Im so tired of receiving speed violations that I shouldn’t be receiving. I was just flying from KLAS-EGKK and I was inbound descending through 10000ft and I get a speed warning. My throttle was reduced all the way down, my A/P Speed was set to 250 and my descent vs was -1200 was a headwind of 18kts. Now I’m stuck from the expert server not being able to fly off of something that should have never happened. The A/P system isn’t good at all, not to mention my A/P got disconnected while I was at my cruise altitude not gaining or losing and almost had me overspeed again. My point is, I’m tired of not being able to fly and control over something that isn’t necessarily my fault. I have everything right for flying under 10,000ft and my descent was pretty shallow, its not like I was descending at -1800 or -2000.



Just because you had 250kts programmes into the autopilot, doesn’t mean the aircraft was actually flying at 250kts.

What aircraft were you in? And what was your actual speed while descending through 10k?


It was likely that your airspeed went up because you are descending. it is always important to monitor airspeed, especially during descent/critical times of flight. If that is the case, the violations can not be removed.

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I usually maintain 11,000 until I reduce my speed to 250 kts. Try this for next time and you’ll not receive more violations.


Also, i would recommend using the flight spoilers to your advantage. they help me a lot.


B777 going M 0.51

Yes. The B777 is a hard aircraft to slow down. It takes a while. As mentioned previously, you’re best waiting at an altitude of something like 11,000 until your speed drops below 250 (I usually go to 240 to give me some wiggle room) and then continue your descent again.

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Do you know your KIAS?

The 777 slows down extremely slowly. I recommend trying what Enrique said above, slow or even stop your descent before you pass 10,000, then once you’re at a slower speed you can continue your descent slower and use airbrakes to help.

Try lowering your descent rate, this may slow you down, make a 360 or go into a holding pattern, it’s better than getting violations

Ok so with the B777-200! It’s very tricky! But here’s the thing! You have to decend earlier with a VS of around -1200

I did. I was at M 0.46 at one point and then all the sudden my speed kept increasing and I wasn’t changing anything.

Were your spoilers out to Flight?

Roughly 275-280

I recommend you get below 260 kias before you start descending below 10,000. This will ensure you are below the speed limitation

A few suggestions here… as you get 1 violation per, for it to kick you off of expert it would mean you received several violations, or had a few already within a 7 day period.

How to help yourself under 10,000

If you notice you are under 10,000 and not slowing down. You have to take IMMEDIATE action. This means leveling your aircraft off, cutting your power (which is likely cut via AP anyways) and most likely need to have your in-flight spoilers engaged. Continuing descend in the 772 wont likely slow you down at all if you are above 1,000 VS. Level out and or pull up. If you climb, it will slow you down even more.

Preparing yourself for under 10,000

Begin your slow down procedure in the 772 around 16,000 ft at no more than 1,500 VS. Slow to under 250kts, and as you are getting around 270kts, engage your in-flight spoilers. You’ll likely have to have this engaged for the remainder of your descent with the 772, and or a shorter descent profile. I try to go no more than 1,000 VS unless i need to make it quick.

It is all about slowing early with the 772, and when you reach your final base turn and or intercept, you have to be under 180kts and flaps beginning to be rolled towards full. The 772 doesnt like to slow down, so you have to make the effort to do so.


I was all the way down to 250 before I descended.

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If you can’t keep the airspeed under 260kts while at a minimal descent rate, you might need both spoilers set to flight and flaps extended, even fully although it’s not the most realistic.

This comes back to the design of the 777 physics model in Infinite Flight and real life. According to real life pilots, it is very hard to keep airspeed down when descending because it is such an aerodynamic aircraft that has minimal air resistance. So the Infinite Flight model represents that behaviour accurately.

Wrong. Here are the real life flap limits.
1 255
5 235
15 215
20 200
25 190
30 180


Well I’d suggest you put in the research and go through the 777’s Flight Crew Operating Manual and find your answer. I can do it right now - what’s the 777 variant?

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