I love flying the F22

Here are some good shots of me in EXPERT SERVER! Loving the raw power of the Raptor! Altho it’s in need of an overhaul, it’s still beautiful to fly! These were taken outside of Bagram Afghanistan. Enjoy!


F22 is always fun to play. Especially with thrust vectoring you can do some pretty cool things!

Nice photos!

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Moves like no other! Thrust vectoring …way cool!

I also love the F22. My only problem is that I always get reported because I go above 250knots bellow 10,000 feet. I heard that the USAF’s F22 normally get a exeption from the rule and fly well above the speed limit. I wish that Inifnite flight modeled that.

Just slow down within controlled airspace, other than that it’s a fighter, I has unrestricted speed limits under fl100… That’s one of the reasons I fly her so much, my vio count went way down, that and I pay real close attention now days!

Fighters, the A-10 and the C-130 are all exempt from the 250 knots below 10,000 ft rule. In controlled airspace theres no hard limit (unless imposed by ATC) so just be sensible and you won’t get into trouble.


How did you get the first picture?

I went as fast as I could at fl380… Then shot strait up and achieved low earth orbit… I actually killed the engines and floated weightless for a couple minuits, it was quiet! I had heard you can do it, I wanted to try it out! It works, but be ready for a handful on your way down!

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Joining GAF made me love this aircraft, at first I wasn’t sure of choosing it for my AFT but I’m glad i did :D

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I was a KC pilot at first… But I gotta shoot something, so I got certified in the A10… Its fun, but nothing prepared me for Raptor! This bird is awesome!


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This is the greatest view from the cockpit you can get in IF…


image image

The F-22 is a great aircraft…


I concur there sir!!

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Anyone interested in a formation flight to 130000 feet?

The raptor can be very hard though sometimes. Never ever try to do a loop-the-loop straight after takeoff: it doesn’t work. Except from that it is possibly the best plane in IF.

Heathrow escorting…

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