I lost quite a few hours off my profile on IF

I was before above 50 hours allowing me to fly on the Expert Server which I had done for a few flights, but now I’m at 47 for some reason. If you could fix this that’d be great, I really want to make the event today.

Are these your flight hours in 90 days? If so fly some more to get them to 50.

No, I have everything fine for grade 3 except for total flight hours now. Which used to be above 50 hours


Can’t really do much without your callsign and display name? ;)

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Callsign currently is Delta 553 and display name is Austin Nelson

For total flight time it says I have 47hours and 41 minutes of total flight time and I need 50 for grade 3 but I had far past 50 hours of total flight time and was able to play on the Expert Server after I had gotten the required XP, but now I can’t play the Expert Server.

The grade requirements were changed for 20.1.
So this is not a matter of hours disappearing on your account, it’s the requirements that’s been changed.

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Ohh. Okay, I just wish that it would have notified me on my phone of this new update. Thanks for your help.

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We published it on several platforms :)

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Yea I just don’t check platforms, only update logs on the google play store.