I lost my subscription

I was doing a flight from YPPH to EGLL in singleplayer when IF crashed I go onto the app again and it says no active subscription but it was meant to finish in 2 months.

Have you tried restarting the app after that? If so you should be able to click the subscribe button. It shouldn’t charge you again if you already have a subscription.

Try re-downloading the app, that may work.

yep but the problem may be i switched apple id during my active suscription could this be why

During your flight or before that? If you did it before your flight today, that wouldn’t be the issue.

@Gonzous thanks for the help it worked

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Your welcome :)

THANKS!!! for the help

Awesome! Give a solution to the appropriate member to show that the moderators can close this. :)

Mods you can close the topic now