I lost grade 3

I was taxiing to the gate after landing and I requested to cross the runway and then I was reported.Then a plane just went threw me.This was all on the expert server.

Who was your controller? This information can help a lot. :)


At which airport and what time?

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It’s was around maybe 3 ish at YSSY

If you check your logbook for the online flight where you got reported, it can tell you who the controller who reported you was.

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The name was like Ethan h

If you look in you logbook it should tell you who reported you, so just pm him in the community so he can remove the report or give you more explanation on what happened

Looks like it’ll be @Ethan_Hansen.


PM @Ethan_Hansen he was your controller :)

It said I taxied in grass

Yeah, your controller was @Ethan_Hansen as I’ve mentioned. DM him to discuss the report.


Send a DM to the controller :)