I lost everything!!!

I bought this game and I unninstalled it it, then I go to reinstall it and I can’t, please help!!

Have you tapt on ‘restore purshase’?

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You need to give the devs some more technical information for them to help you :).

Are you using the same ID?

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Here is the rule. If you bought Infinite Flight (or any app and IAP really) from say iTunes or GooglePlay Store, had for whatever reason deleted it at some point, and now wish to re-install it, you can without being charged again.
The trick is you must sign into whichever store was originally purchased from with the very same account ID. Then simply download and install.
Nothing is automatic. iTunes “Restore Purchases” only syncs the iTunes user ID and account status with the device being logged in on.
You need to manually do the download and install for each IAP as well.
You can’t be charged again unless the store account ID being used is NOT the same as the original purchase, or if you were refunded.
iTunes has a more confusing component (you’d have to ask Apple why they do this) by showing the app price instead of a simple download icon. They put you through what looks like a whole new purchase situation. However if the account ID in use is exactly the same as the original purchases, you weren’t refunded, then after accepting what appears to be another purchase will be followed up with a new iTunes message. That message tells you that you already bought the item and can install again without charge.

It’s a crazy way for iTunes to do things, and it freaked me out the first time I saw this a few years ago. I was upset and didn’t want to accept the purchase knowing I had already paid once before and never got a refund. Finally I tried it and discovered the process does not result in double charge.
I will post a better written article about this topic shortly.

Just trust me, you can’t be charged twice for the same thing unless you use a different store ID or had been refunded. Of course none of this necessarily apples to those with rooted, Jailbroken or other hacks.