I lost everything!

Hello there, I am running into a serious problem with my IF account. I had a facebook account in which I used to do everything in the game. Last week, I deleted that facebook account and created a new one. Today when I log back in to IF I type the credentials of the new account and all data was lost. Doesnt it get saved in my apple account as well? How can I get my score back? Your answer is greatly appreciated!

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@Swang007 would you be a gentleman and move this to support? :)

Someone else can verify this, but your Live subscription is associated with the Google or Facebook account you sign in with. If you deleted your Facebook there is probably not a way to get your subscription back. Maybe Matt can verify your previous subscription and refund it to you on our new account.

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Hello, I would assume that this is due to you terminating your original Facebook acount. Since accounts do not merge, you making a new one would not keep your stats. I’m sorry about that.

@Swang007 is right.

I had a Facebook account which (my mother :P) deleted with about 80k XP on IF.
So I signed in a second time with a Google account and contacted support. They told me that the only way to get back my old stats is to reopen that exact FB account and sign in to IF with it.

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I used to be a programmer back in the days and the most important thing in a programmer’s life is Customer Data. As I said before, If you have to keep a facebook account to keep your score here, it will not be worthy to log in or do anything in IF Live because somehow or someday you will lose it. I hope someone can find my other subscription based on my old facebook and apple credentials in IF Database and apply those numbers to my new facebook account. Otherwise, I think this will be the end of me using Live. They put a lot of effort for adding features to the game, but customer information security is more important than that. Its dissapointing that this happens here

I thought Open ID, Facebook and Google accounts is for life not change it every year. I do this mistake all the time after bored of the username. The big boys been trying to achieve single login across sites and I think Facebook gone further then others and it’s good in a way they have money and specialist to safe guard the data. Where smaller companies not to worry about this things and focus on products and features. By deleting your FB you only lost few XP not your personal data, you can earn it back. Hope Infinite-Flight never stores personal data, Less headache.

I really do not understand ppl closing and reopening google and facebook account all the time. Facebook and Google are not going anywhere, if they do we will have some time to find a solution.

In the mean time, do not delete the account you are using to login to Live. You will loose all your data and we can’t guaranty that you can get it back. The same thing happen for many services out there.

If you do delete your account (or your mom does), you can contact us by email and we will do what we can to re-link your account to your old data. Please include all information about your account so we can make sure it is you.


And I think Mr. Philippe being nice, it doesn’t mean you all gonna nag him because you chosen wrong username in FB and G+. I think he meant something seriously went wrong with your account. Don’t try your luck for new account, you may end-up with nothing.

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Email is thc way to go for future reference. A lot more secure in my opinion.

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Problem with email is it doesn’t come with profile picture, if you want to be identified by photos.

I totally empathise with you. Unfortunately, the short of it is, you lost it all and have to start again. Had a similar experience brother and while it’s not nice, and until ‘account merging’ becomes a reality ANYWHERE, it can’t be fixed. And this prob isn’t just with Google or Facebook, it’s with Xbox, cloud, apple, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, and just about everything else you need an account for these days… Did I mention Skype? Yep that one too.


What E-Mail address should I contact in order to get my data back?

I lost 1000+ hours and continue to lose Log Book hours. Matt told me the only way to keep hours/XP is to backup the data to the “cloud”. Still can’t figure that one out. Any one know how to back up IF Stats to “The Cloud” I have a Google account?
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