I lost all of my flight hours

<This morning I opened up Infinite flight after 2 months, my subscription was somehow deleted but I still had my hours and xp. I bought the new Pro subscription and it deleted all of my progress, I still have my replays but now my devices arent synced with my account.>

Samsung Devices, both my phone and tablet.:

I think you can do this step

Click GET PRO> I already have pro> after that sign with your account.

make sure that you are sign in with the same account that have your progress.

If you pay your subscription on wrong account you can always concact throught support@infiniteflight.com to get your subscription transfer.

Its the same google account, I have been using google play.

I had a 12 month subscription, however for some reason I cant buy another 12 month one. After I bought the subscription again it wiped my hours and exp.

6 monts and 1 year subscription has been removed from android.

Wait,Android only?

on IOS you can buy 1 month and 1 year subscription throught app store.


What subscription do you bought?