I lost all of my flight hours

I just deleted the app and reinstalled it and got all my planes back the on,y thing si didnt get back are the 737-700BBJ and the 747 SOFIA version and i didnt get any of my flight hours back

Try restoring purchases again?

Sometimes when I accidentally restore purchases, the orange “download” button appears on the BBJ and SOFIA. Once you click on the aircraft, it will suddenly default to green.

Best of luck in regaining what you lost

I still have all my xp and standing for live bun there is no flight hours

Are you sure you are in the right account? Maybe the bug isn’t that you lost your flight hours, but that account stats got mixed up…food for thought. Try that out, and if it doesn’t work, I suggest shutting down your device, restarting it, and go back into IF, see if that works. If not, I don’t know what to tell you dude. At least you have the XP.

My online flight time shows which was what i was most worried about. So it dosent show up in log book but i have xp and flight hours

Wait a sec-You’re time in the logbook is cleared but it aaved your total online time?

Hmmmm…try logging out of your account and back in.

Yup i had like 50 hours in solo

Can a dev help

I don’t want to tag them, so I’m not sure. I can tag Sean though, maybe he has an idea. @Swang007

@philippe or @matt can u guys help

Solo hours are lost if you haven’t made a backup with icloud.

Flights done in live are kept but not shown in the logbook yet.

For the missing purchases, is that still the case?

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I got all my purchases back i just restored it but my 747 sofia and 737 bbj i didnt get even though i had it before this happened