I lost all my purchases

I haven’t played infinite flight in around 2 years, I just came back and the planes I bought before are just GONE, I don’t know how to get them back, and do I need to sign in into Game Center and also into iCloud with my account where I had this purchases?


Are you logging in to the sim with the same account that purchased the planes?

Have you tried pressing “Restore Purchases”?

Yeah I already tried pressing the restore purchases button, I deleted the app, restarted my iPad, i DONT know what to do.

Also I have the same Game Center account as before, but my iCloud/Apple store account is different, maybe that is the problem?

Is there a way of signing in with Game Center ?

Have you changed game centre accounts? That could be a reason? I’m not too familiar with this issue

Hello there, the first thing you need to check is make sure you’re signed into the icloud account you made the purchase with.

Yeah I did changed my Game Center account to the where I did my purchases

And I can’t sing in to that iCloud account in my iPad because I have my own account for me that account was my parent’s

Sadly, I don’t think there is anything to do here. The purchases are associated with iCloud I believe, sorry!

Your saying the account you made the purchase on was your parents?

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