I lose all the planes when controlling


I have recently become heavily involved with ATC, learning the ropes of ATC and quite enjoy it.

Since the beginning though I have experienced the frustration of losing all my planes. The connected ones stop responding or spawn with ‘unknown’ and the glider icon. It’s very frustrating because I don’t want to take my test until this is resolved. (To fix it I need to come out of IF and restart. Then reconnect to my ATC. And it happens again even quicker.)

It def happens as it gets busier but if it’s quiet it will still happen but just takes longer. I’m not sure if it’s a connection issue because I do a speed test and generally running at 10Mbps. (Is this enough?)

I do live in South Africa so probably a long way from the servers but a part of me says that if it was connection related it would happen right away at least on occasion. This never happens, it’s always fine at the start and gets broken after 20mins or more.

Running on iPad gen 6 with latest version.

Please help if possible.


Hello, thank you for contacting the community for assistance, since this appears to be an issue with IF, this should be in #support. Have you tried, c=completely closing, and re-launching IF?

Thanks. Even a reinstall…

Do you have every aircraft downloaded?

I don’t. Would that help or hinder. Maybe other settings I can use to reduce resources.

That may help, having all aircraft downloaded.

Ok. Let me try that first. Thank you.

I would reccomend reisntalling Infinite Flight, then redownloading all the planes if the first option didn’t help @GuyziB

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Hey there, are you on Celluar Service? This could be the reason why it happens.

See above - EHAM just now. Speedtest is fine. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. All aircraft downloaded. Nothing else running on iPad 6th Gen. This is ruining my enjoyment of controlling. #anyknowadev.

Fiber 10Mbps. Not slow but not fast either.

Just want you to be aware that there is a known issue while controlling and flying, of planes disappearing from the radar in mass and in groups. It effects almost all expert server controllers, every day, many people are unware of the issue.

On the other hand someone with a better knowledge of how to help troubleshoot the problem may be able fix the issue you are currently having. :)

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Hi There. Interested to find out where you live and what connection you use. Really frustrating.

Thanks for the note … at least I am not the only one.

Please do not show your phone number.

Crap … I replied via email, not on the webpage. Bad mistake.


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