I’ll edit your photos for you.


I am currently studying Digital Marketing and I am required to have a lot of photos for a practical project, which is running a social media account.

I don’t get have enough time to be out there taking photos of aircraft, even though that’s all I want to do.

I will edit your aviation photos for free!

In order to do this I require the following:

  • An aviation related photograph of your own. I prefer for these to be from a planned session. (Example: A photo from planned spotting session, with planned positioning and timing, rather then a photo from your bedroom window of an aircraft flying 32,000 feet above, unless it is a good photo ofcourse)
  • Location of photograph
  • Aircraft details (if not visible in photographs)
  • Time of photograph.
    (Note that I will edit IF photos, but I am less likely to use those on the social media page.)

Please drop these photos in my messages.

Thanks guys!


I’m pretty sure these sorts of topics aren’t allowed on the forum as they take up to much storage.

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(I think this belongs in RWAS)

If this gets closed what i’d recommend doing is going through #real-world-aviation and look at the spotting pictures and send the OP a message and ask them if you can edit it and such and use it how you need:)

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