I Like to Consider Myself a True Master at the Sport (IF Drifting)

So we’ve all tried drifting before in Infinite Flight. And if you haven’t you should get yourself checked out for something called not madlad syndrome which is very unhealthy and should be treated ASAP. Anyway I like to consider myself a true expert at the sport here are some of my moves:

The first I will show you is the most basic move but is essential to any pro 777 drifting career:
IF Drifting (1)

The second is a more fancy move called the wing dip and clip. Handy for when your landing gear malfunctions:
IF Drifting (2)

And my final video for today is by far my proudest one. This showcases how a drift can be held for extensive periods of time with a fancy move at the end that would almost seem to defy gravity:
IF Drifting (3)

If you ever have any questions about drifting in IF and how to improve send me a message and there’s about a 50% chance I’ll respond! 🙂

Please pay no attention to Shakira in the second one she was there for moral support 🏃🏻‍♂️💨


I have been in this place before…


Any tips for countersteering? I can’t seem to get the hang of it 😩😢

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Idk if this counts but how about landing with a jammed rudder without touching the grass?

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You are the master? No, I am the master.



Class drifts my g, Must try this in expert server

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It’s the only place drifting is allowed my g 😈

Sheesh the spin tho