I like the feeling of flying in the Expert Server

Three popular planes in Infinite Flight. ( shot at EDFH 10/07/2020 )

Cessna: I see a big guy on my head~ ( shot at EDFH 10/07/2020 )

ATC: Airbus A318, hold short of RWY… ( shot at EDFH 10/07/2020 )

B772: I’m behind you~ ( shot at EDFH 10/07/2020 )

ATC: B772, clear for immediately take off. Traffic is on final~ ( shot at EDFH 10/07/2020 )


As we know~Boeing has only three types of aircraft, B737,B747,B777 ( just kidding )


There are just three Boeing planes at FAOR including you taking off from FAOR


oh , really ? that’s interesting~ haha

Wow! These are some really awesome shots, Andy! My favorite has to be the “B772: I’m Behind You” shot! Really shows the might 772 in action as well as the Citations long wingspan! The Bewaakloof nature reserve was a really awesome shot, thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for your appreciation~ I feel so happy~ And you know what? I like the “B772: I’m Behind You” shot too. ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

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