I like the A350 ..... but

I am seeing in the fantastic work that the developers are doing in the future A350.
But I am worried about the high level of detail that the plane will have.
I would like to enjoy it without lags or performance problems caused by the level of detail.

What do you think about this?

leave your comments :)

Thank you

I hope this topic is correct :)


The developer team makes sure this works on recent devices. I promise you it will work on your device. ;)

That’s why some features aren’t added at the moment, like, touchdown smoke, gear tilt, etc. As it does cause lag, and requires the development team to make sure those features are optimized for the devices.


Well I believe the iPhone 7 will work for it. That however will likely be a no go in 2+ years.


the devs have put a lot of consideration into the support on devices. I think it will be fine as exemplified by their restraint to add more taxing things as mentioned above

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This will possibly be the best-constructed Aircraft IF will ever make, considering it will take a year more or less. I think it will give that RFS thing a run for its own money.


I picked up an Iphone 6S Plus the other day and downloaded the app and it really worked! very well!

so then I got an IphoneSE still worked! only thing is the phones got hot enough to iron my clothes.

so yeah I think we dont need to worry to much

real question is: Is there a team working on the planes that have already been released?


Only time I’ve ever had an issue is because I had too many apps open. Closed them, set to the highest rendering settings and all was well.

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I believe this is going to be the best built aircraft in infinite history and have faith the devs are going to optimize this the best they can to have it run on capable devices smoothly!


well as technology moves forward infinite flight needs to start moving forward and start leaving a few older products behind… unfortunately this has to happen because of business and the best for infinite flight!! it’s the only we way we can improve the simulator!

so even though the A350 might cause lag for older generation devices it will be the best for the the app as technology moves forward and new phones and tablets will support it amazingly!


Totally agreed.

I’m so glad that are going to make the A350 the best they can.

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Is there a limit to how high quality IF can get before it’s too much for any mobile device?

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I hope my phone is compatible with future updates


I really depends on the processor and other internals of the device that determine if it will run smoothly in the future.

What device do you use currently?

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But will it work well? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and it can handle the A-10 but the frame rate drops significantly to the point where it just isn’t enjoyable to fly. I like the current F-22 because it isnt too detailed and that allows for smooth gameplay. I am a bit concerned that when the time comes for the existing fighters to be reworked or replaced, the new aircraft will be too detailed to fly smoothly. High frame rates are important for flying fast jets, otherwise it’s really difficult to keep up with what’s happening.

I know that the A350 is no fighter and I will most likely never use it, but I feel that this could still be an issue in some scenarios such as taking off/landing in adverse weather. Also bear in mind that there will be lots of these aircraft on Live when it is released. Knowing what the A-10 is like, I can’t bear to think of what a FNF full of A350s will be like.


Very true point right there, but are you using the highest setttings, or are you talking about even the lowest settings?

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This is a mobile sim, so I am sure that the devs are taking device performance into everything they make


I always use max settings, which will play a part. Unlike a lot of users, I prefer to look out of the cockpit and actually fly the aircraft (its called Infinite Flight for a reason). Ultra high detail aircraft models don’t rank high on my list of priorities. If I were at the helm I would be focusing on the physics and flying experience rather than minute aesthetic details which 90 odd percent of players won’t notice.


I use a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) and it works well


yeah same here like what if they don’t send out the update for the 2016 Ipad mini???

I am worried
if I do not get the plane that all of us have been waiting for, for 7 years!

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I’m worried because I play IF on my flip phone on the best graphics you can have, I am a little worried it will lag with the new update.