I learned this with 20.1

What an incredible release. So, when flying the 777 in tight parallel runway ops, 175-180 IAS and approaching the OM @30* with 50% load, you must hand fly and do not rely on the approach mode to capture the ILS before sliding into the parallel runway. The slow speed does not have enough forward energy to make a tight turn rate. Most cases, approach has a few miles to work with and gives you a good angle to capture the ILS while using approach mode. Occasionally, controllers have to slow you down at or below 180 IAS and keep it tight. I B hand flyin the intercept in this 777 rev.

Interested in what others have learned…


One thing to note, controllers see your ground speed. They don’t know what your Indicated Air Speed is.


Correct me if im wrong, but you’d basically saying that APPR is next to useless on the 777, and you need to manually approach? - because I tried using APPR when I am at the intercept altitude, and the plane hovers above the runway, causing me to go around.

I never use APPR anyway so 🤷‍♂️

Yeah, it’s super nice all the stuff that we got!

If I am being honest the new 777 is a dream to land and I prefer manual landing over APPR since it is just so much more enjoyable


This is helpful, earlier I was coming in for landing and set my Nav1 and all that and this happened I stalled at 99 knots at around 600-700 feet had to up my throttle and was really close to crashing it. This is a good and useful note.


No. Just hand fly the intercept. I like to fly the approach manually much like others. But…high winds and low visibility, let the platform fly the needles.

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Controllers can click to see IAS now. Otherwise how would centre even work…

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You probably should not be APPRing all the way to ground anyways.

Hey Daniel what are your standard flap settings on short final for the 777. Say having a 25 % load on final and still conditions. Cheers I ask because I think I don’t need full flaps as the 777 seems pretty sensitive on approach.

I thought everyone was able to see other’s IAS now, is it only pilots who can have this info?

Now controllers and other pilots can see one’s airspeed. Before 20.1 no one could see anyone else’s, including controllers. However, us controllers need to click on each aircraft to see their IAS, as their tag on map only has GS!

Flaps at 25 degrees, I use full even when light just so I can Come In slower

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Thanks will give it go .

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