I learned a lot in ATC tonight

Apologies for those in ATC Playground flying in and out of PHOG. I admit some mistakes on my part. Some of which include:

  1. Only using runway 02. Should have offered up 05 as well.
  2. Trusting users to cross runways quickly or to takeoff immediately. I know understand why some ATC controllers are cautious with spacing.

Anyways. Great learning experience and my apologies for a couple close calls.

Ahh glad you posted this I think we all had that aha moment when we first controlled somewhere. And you will be a more patient pilot because of it good on ya.

Controlling and especially doing for the first time is great and very educational. Once you control a few times it really helps you to understand what is going on when you are flying. Also don’t worry too much about mistakes on your first time - I have controlled a few times and still make the odd mistake.


Thanks for the apology and you should’ve watched me controlling for the first time and you would have felt great about yourself. If you hadn’t have posted this I ouldhve believed you were quite an experienced controller anyway!