I landed at the wrong airport! Flight gone wrong

Ok, so, here’s the story.

I was planning my flight from Gatwick to Rome last night. To do this, one step I take is to find out the flught number. I searched for flights from “LGW to FNC” thinking FNC was Rome’s iATA code. I planned that flight in Simbrief and took off for rome this morning. Landed in rome fine, smoothis. I then tried to return to Gatwick. When I planned, or started to plan, that flight, I realised “FNC” was Madeira. So, these poor passengers on easyJet 8135 ended like 1,000 miles from where they actually wanted to go :)

Now I’m debating flying back to Gatwick and logging both flight in my new logbook as if nothing happened or flying direct to Madeira to get those passemgers to their destination. What do you think
I should do?

I just thought it was quite funny and wanted to share it with you guys.


It really is your call, you’re the Captain.

Please put this in #live :)

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Reminds me of that BA flight.


I do find it quite impressive that you somehow managed to not noticing how far off you were. Skipped a few classes of geography? ;)


As you wanted to originally fly to Rome, I would just fly LGW-FCO-LGW and log the corresponding flights.

Madeira literally has a 180 degree visual approach…I don’t even want to imagine how you managed to fly into Madeira, let alone how you managed to not realize you were some 1000+ miles away from your intended destination.


First off,

Nice route choice.

Interesting what has happened to you. I’d say just forget it and pretend that you planned to go to Madeira in the first place. I would’ve preferred to go to Madeira myself 😂

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@InfiniteFlightDeck… MaxSez: “Stuff Happens”! Lesson Learned, Max


Give them a full refund and fly them to Rome (FCO/LIRF)

Wait at first I didn’t know where Madeira was but now I know, I want to know how the heck this happened?!?! (I’m from the US) @InfiniteFlightDeck

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