I landed 15 times in 1 flight and the landings didn’t count

Hello, I was flying around today on a casual servers and getting my landing count up. I had 15 landings and when i left the landings didn’t count. Can I please get my landings added?


Hello, please be sure that these landings were first conducted in the live environment. If so, what is your callsign?

Please also be sure that your landing(s) meets the following criteria:

Things happen from time to time so please be patient :)

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Yes, this was in a live environment. It meet all of the requirements aswell. My call sign is (N826EW).

You can also set one of the information displays at the bottom of the screen to a landing counter. This way you can already determine during the flight whether and how many landings were counted.

Im not sure if this can affect whether your progress saves or not, but did you press the leave game button before closing Infinite Flight, or did you just exit infinite flight while still in the game. Also do you have a replay of the flight?

Hello. I think I know the issue. Did you land on the same runway every time?

on 2 different runways

I clicked leave game and then checked if the landings counted. and yes, i have a replay

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I had that on, it said I have 15 landings.

Do you mind sharing the replay?

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