I lagged a lot on my TabS6 Lite

I lagged, a lot. Almost crashing, literally.

I was on mid-flight of PHLI-KLAS, 3:36h into the flight, when the app started to be very, very laggy. The sound pack started disappear and appear, like when a game is about to crash. My tablet then didn’t respond when I tried to turn it off for a bit. It worked initially, but It was then a bit hard to log in, due to the lag on my tablet. I returned to my flight, and the buttons started to be unresponsive, black screen was flashing, then the game returns itself, and the cycle repeats, with my tablet resisting so my game doesn’t crash. I ended up of ending the flight with 2h remaining and restarting my device.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy TabS6 Lite. I’m very surprised of that since it works perfectly, even when it lags on heavy traffic.

Is there a solution for this? It will be greately appreciated!


hey sorry to hear you’re having problems? what are your graphic settings and what’s your live count ?

3D density: Medium
Rendering resolution and quality: High
FPS Limit: 30
Aircraft count: Medium

I started lagging when @BKGBlueface was ahead of me, and all the drama begun

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Pretty weird coincidence because @Jw2004 Had a problem with his S7 Tablet today as well.

Are you using any built in Samsung game modes or stock battery savers? That will degrade performance.

Using device compatibility thread it says you should be able to handle it using these settings : OS : Android 11, One UI 3
Hardware : Exynos 9610 processor 4GB

Rendering Quality : High
3D Object Density : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Frame Rate : 30FPS
Airplane Count : Very High

Notes : When there’s a big crowd at an airport I suggest turning off Anti-Alising, because it could get laggy, but if your at an airport with fewer people it works perfectly.

Im using a charger, with the samsung “cube”

Has it happened with every flight since? Or was it just that one?

Give your device a solid reboot, close down any background running apps, and start off in solo. After that if everything is good go to live but pick an empty airport. Then work your way up to a busy airspace.

This will help tell you if it is traffic or general rendering.

Happened now. I’ve never seen sooo laggy, almost crashing, before.

Done that after that. Doing some testing somewhere.

Alright, seems to be ok now. Thanks everyone for your help!

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