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Before everyone says there is a topic for this already. I just wanted to share a specific experience I just had at KJFK departing. I begin with a normal flight fpl, taxi, takeoff, etc. However, when I was in my climb (I was using IF Passengers bc I wanted to try out) I had a bird strike, losing both engines (dual engine failure). I began the procedures, disengaged autopilot and began to adjust my heading for the airport. I noticed I could not inform ATC that I was having an engine failure and needed any possible runway besides changing my call sign to a GA callsign “YA-SOS”. I am not sure if this got the ATC attention, but in a real life scenario I would be able to call in an engine failure and the ATC would have commands to direct me back towards the airport in the appropriate emergency commands. However, I was on final by then I had to do some patterns to dump fuel because ATC did not know I had not engines and could not wait, I stalled out and left game so I would not be reported haha. If we did have in-game commands, I would have probably landed safely back at KFJK. Don’t wanna sound ungrateful or anything but I think after this, I believe we really need emergency commands (and I understand it might attract trolls) but can we just implement a rule so it can only be on expert and if the ATC discovers you were not using the command properly they could report that user or something? Because I think we have gotten to the point where most of us feel that we can not properly communicate with ATC during these crucial situations.

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(I forgot to mention I was using a third party app IF is not responsible for, however just in general- no third party apps or third party apps, we just need these commands in a future update haha)

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Why am I having flashbacks?

We’re in the Hudson…


Haha, I was a Boeing 777 American, so didn’t have the same flight mechanics as a A320 (heavier, slower, etc.)

Its a great Idea to add an emergency command In ATC with protocol that ATC can follow, maybe you should try to put this in #features ? just a suggestion

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Yeah, just did.

I think that this wouldn’t be as big of an update since it’s just ATC commands, maybe in an even future update- Infinite Flight can switch to an non-third party system that controls more emergencies and failures. Rather than IFP.

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I think that was amazing idea, but i running out of vote,

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I hope this gets some attention to see the community’s opinion on this

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  1. Why not post that in the original thread?
  2. IFP is no longer supported, so the only ‘official’ way to have an emergency other than fuel is to do it manually.
  1. But how would they find out?

It would be great… I just can’t see it happening.

A feature added on the info page when you click on a user (where you see the user’s FPL, Alt, Speed, Etc.). The interface would point out under another section called: “Failures: NONE”. That would indicate to the ATC the user is indeed “faking” the emergency.

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Or, like fuel emergencies, the command only becomes available once a random generator gives you an actual code to trigger the emergency


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