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So, I know I made a topic the other day of “how do I know what cargo planes are carrying”. Now, I was wondering how do I find information. You may wonder what information? I was searching up on google what is the minimum landing distance for a 737-700, and anywho I never found the answer. So that brings me to this conclusion, is there always a way to find out a simple answer like that? Is there a recommended site or another way to find it?

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Did you mean maximum landing weight? I would assume the minimum landing weight is the weight of the aircraft. The lighter the aircraft the easier it is to land. You probably couldn’t find an answer because minimum landing weight is 0.

Oops, I corrected it, i meant the minimum landing distance. Adding on, i wonder if there is always a answer to other question’s that simple.

This is a mess…… sorry I am very lost. My main question is if there is always a answer, for a question that simple.

If there’s an answer, there’s…an answer?

I’m too lost

What are you lost about?

My brain is somewhere else. I just wanted to know if there is always a answer for a simple question like that

I mean, for a question as simple as yours, a Google search gave me results in less than 10 seconds.

Thanks mate. My brain ran away… better go catch it

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