I knew it was coming... and it did!

Coming to land on runway 24 at KNUC a couple of hours ago, I noticed another aircraft was going to turn too soon on base, and rightly so… was on Expert.

I did land long and I rolled as fast as possible, but not enough to avoid him/her a go around!

Impressive sound from my tiny cabin!

I changed the time setting in the last pics to keep them as souvenirs…

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Gear? Is that you? Oh, nope, I was just imagining.


Oh well, it had the gear deployed (first two pics) but raised it a bit fast… anyway, he/she landed a minute later, from the other side!


Those are some amazing pictures, what a creative way to take advantage of a mishap into some beautiful pictures.

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Thanks, that is very kind of you. All credit due to our great SIM!

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Really nice! Love the TBM.

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That last shot was OUTSTANDING! Espeically with the sunrise (or sunset 🙃)

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I don’t even know. 😉 thanks a lot!

Nice shots! 👍🏼

Two things:

  1. This must be the lowest go-around I’ve ever seen. Please don’t take this as an example. When needing to go-around pull up to pattern altitude swiftly
  2. While the commercial aircraft got himself into trouble by turning base too early, in this case you (in the GA aircraft doing a leisure flight on an army airport) could have choosen to go-around, to allow the commercial aircraft to land. Wouldn’t that have been a cool scenario 😉
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At least you went around!

I could have indeed, but hey, what was he going to deliver on such a tiny island? Also, I had just been turned off landing in KLAX for being to too “light”! 😉

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And i think he/she could have made it by flying a bit slower… anyway! What if we both go around and he blasts through me on the way! Poor little TBM!