I keep stalling

Yester i was doing a flight from san Francisco to sydney in a A350 full fuel and 137 passenger and when i was at 35000feet my plane started falling and loosing speed why? Please help

What was your VS climbing to 35000? Chances are your VS was too high for being full of fuel and you stalled out at that altitude.


Another FYI, for SFO-SYD in a 350, you definitely don’t need full fuel, for a 14 hour flight, I would recommend using fpltoif.com to get a fuel estimate

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For what I see, you maybe need to stepclimb prior to get to FL350 full of fuel

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I was climbing to 40000ft and my vs was 2300

40000 may be too high with a full load and 2300 is way too steep to climb with a full tank at that altitude.


So what does my vs altitude should be?


I’d recommend step climbing to 38,000ft at a rate of 1,500ft per minute to 2,000ft per minute. You really don’t need full fuel tanks either, it’s just unnecessary weight. I, someone who doesn’t really step climb, get by fine by using appropriate weights and cruise altitudes.

All flight details such as fuel, climb rate, climb speed, and cruise altitude should be on FPLTOIF.com (a great resource already suggested).


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Check fpltoif.com for a professional flight planning within IF, it may calculate your best performance altitude

You might have arrived at the “Coffin corner” with regards to your weight

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Stepclimbs! If you’re too heavy, you might have to climb to 30000 feet, wait for fuel to burn, then climb to 35000!

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Thx guys for the help have a good day

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