I keep stalling when I takeoff?

Every time I takeoff and I try to turn but my plane stalls and crash help ?


It’s always on normal

Wich plane?

All of them for me

Try and reach a resonable speed and then turn, what speed do u rotate at?

Check your speed,flaps

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Usually I takeoff around 150kts

No I’m not for real

Example,b777-200 the rotate speed is btw 130/150 kts depending of weight and wind,ideal vertical speed +2000/3000 ft

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What is your n1 when you take off. It might be that you have enough velocity to take off but not enough to climb


I usually takeoff at 90% for the planes
But for the
I usually takeoff at 80% because the n1 exceeds 100% at 90%

I don’t see why you would stall after take off.

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Thanks Lare!

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Do you use the flaps?

How many degrees do you pitch up?

Yes I do :/

30 to 40 Degrees

That’s too much flaps for takeoff, but it shouldn’t cause you to stall.
What device are you using? Is it possible to get a recording of when it occurs?

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