I keep spiraling out of control

I get up to my altitude and my plane can’t contain its speed and spirals out of control does anyone know why?

Perhaps you are too heavy?

In real life, many aircraft step climb as opposed to climbing straight to cruise. The heavier the aircraft, the more power needed to keep it airborne. If it’s too heavy at altitude, it will spiral and crash.

This is an excellent thread, I recommend giving it a read. Hope this helps 🙃


It would help to know

  1. which plane
  2. what altitude
  3. what speed
  4. what is your airplane load %
  5. what are the winds
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275 knots
Don’t remember the wind

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Yeah, You are way to high to have 97% load. You might need to burn some fuel, then cimb to higher altitudes when you’re below at maximum 65%. When between 80% - 100%, I recommend cruising between FL 260 and 300, FL 300 - 390 is good for anything under 80%. :)

Ok good to know

The max altitude I would always fly is around FL320/340. Maybye FL420 when I am feeling it in the 787/777.

Burn off some fuel and midflight fly higher.

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