I Keep Spinning Out!

Hey fellow members of the IFC. I need help. Every time I try to land a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A380, I spin out on the runway! I try to slow down as much as possible before touchdown, but it doesn’t do anything! Got any tips?!

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What’s your speed? Rate of descent? Be more specific, also don’t have the brake on when touching down. We might be able to help with more details.


I’ve never experienced this before but maybe make sure you are at or below the MLW and if you are doing this in solo, try playing around with wind settings. Also, if you have auto coordination enabled this might result in the aircraft spinning out especially if you haven’t calibrated the device. Auto Coordination is when the ailerons and rudder are automatically coupled when on the ground.


This can probably help you out a bit:


What’s your landing speed? Landing weight? Are you compensating for the wind right before touch down? At what point are you disconnecting auto pilot? I have little to no experience with the a380 but used to use the 747 quite a bit and noticed that dealing with any amount of crosswind is difficult, at least for me. Others may have better advise but until then, practice makes perfect! Try landing over and over on solo flight mode and watch the replay to try and figure out what went wrong.


Thank you! Practice does make perfect!

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I THINK the problem is the brakes. I’ll leave them off and then wait to turn them back on. Thanks!

That probabaly won’t help much, please tell us your landing speed :)


Around 160 knots airspeed

If you are landing at that weight you are above MLW. You should be in a range of 130-150KIAS when landing depending on weight. What it sounds more like is you are not touching done gently enough and you are not using the rudder correctly.


Oh ok I’ll watch my airspeed thoroughly next time.

Big girls like those tend to hang on to their inertia during descent, make sure to appropriately reduce some energy on approach so that you’re not coming in too hot. Definitely reduce weight to within landing specs also.


Check your weight and always arm your spoilers. Sometimes when you set your weight to heavy it has a sign in yellow indicating that you are above your max landing weight. You will not safely land like that.

Arming your spoilers will keep you on the ground upon touchdown. Oh the A380 should cross the runway threshold around about 145 knots. 160 is a bit to high.



The 747 is a beauty to fly! Depending on your weight setting, you’ll want to be landing between 140-160kts. The lighter your weight setting, the slower your landing speed will be. Use the full flaps setting (30°) upon landing. You should be coming in on approach at about -1000fpm to -1200fpm. When you are about to touch down, about 100ft agl, flare yourself to attain about a -200fpm vertical speed.

One thing that usually helps me maintain my speed is by keeping only my speed on autopilot. It may help you too. If you want any more help, feel free to pm me.


I’ve had it happen to me on occasion when I would accidentally hit the brakes during descent, not paying attention on my part, and as soon as the wheels touched down the aircraft would immediately turn hard left or right and then begin and uncontrolled stumble around the filed. Sometimes it would result in a crash, and sometimes it just looks like a ride at an amusement park. Hopefully with all the help here, you’ll get it figured out quickly. All the best!

Oh and pretty much everything @Nichalas_Petranek said. He is a 747 master. 👍🏻


Only time I ever spin in on landing (which is never, but only when I started out) was I landing with breaks on, or as I do today touchdown and wait to put my breaks on. The reason I span out was more or less due to my speed + the rudder, you mainly don’t want to overdo and try to actually yank it through forcefully.

Also just to note, make sure your flaps are at the right angle for your landing weight. It creates Drag which helps you slow down. If you’re at max landing weight it is best to use full flaps and try to go 140-150 knots IAS (indicated air speed) also try to use rudder to help you stay allined with the runway centerline. Good luck!

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