I keep on losing my aircraft.

Hi there guys, Sorry to be a pain, but I currently have quite a few purchased aircraft but I encounter a major problem with all of them.
I lose them when I go offline.
For example, I was flying in Live yesterday afternoon, When I had to go out, I was playing in the car but I had lost all my aircraft, They were showing the unpurchesed icon next to them. Is this normal?
This happens alot.
(I play on an iPhone 5s)

I’m guessing you’ve got a live plus sub. If youve purchased the aircraft separately, this shouldn’t have happened but this does happen sometimes when you have a live plus sub. The thing to do is turn on your data/personal hotspot for a few seconds or try and connect to WiFi, until the app realises that you have a sub, then turn it off and fly on solo. If you can’t do this there isn’t really anything you can do.

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I have a Live subscription but not a Live plus.

This shouldn’t be happening. Wait for one of the support staff to get back to you - they should know what to do better than I do. Hope this gets solved.

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Try going offline right now and clicking on the aircraft to download them, they might not ask to be purchased and turn green.

@Marshall_Hilfman Thats kindof impossible…


@Josh_Tomaz Log off (sign out), refresh the app and sign back in. You may have to restore purchases after you sign back in ;)

*make sure you have a good internet connection too.

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I think its because the planes in orange have been updated. Once downloaded via WIFI they should appear offline

What do you mean by ‘sign out’? Out of my Live account?

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Yes, sign out from your live account, close the app then reload and sign back in.

I had this problem on my iPad 3 an uninstall followed by a reinstall fixed it. Try that.

PS: I think this is a duplicate. Looking for the other topic.

PPS (Post Post Script): Here it is:


Same here, that worked for me.

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I’ll try Reinstalling the app, hopefully that will work, thanks alot guys.


Let us know which recommendation worked out for you. Have a good day ✌🏼

When you go offline are you logged into the account that has all the planes?

People, remember that IAP’s are a completely separate thing from Live unless you have Live+ where all the IAP’s are included.

Some good suggestions have been made, let’s wait and see how it goes :)


I use the same device too. Nothing like that happened to me.

I tried reinstalling the app, I also just downloaded IOS11, It never worked.