I keep getting bumped down to Grade 2

Hello there. I just wanted to see if I can get help. I didn’t get ghosted, I didn’t have any other violations that could have caused this. I don’t know why it keeps doing this and it would be great if someone can respond. Thank you!

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Can you send us a picture of your grade table?

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It’s probably the amount of landings you have made in 90 days (it has to be at a certain amount - check if the landing count is orange in colour in your grade table).

The reason why is if you are not flying enough your landings go down and then your grade.

Here’s a little example to go with what @Vinne said,
The reason I’m not Grade 4 is because I do not have enough landings(in orange) in 90 days.

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Thank you guys so much! :)


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