I keep disconnecting from casual

I had a problem which was resolved by a moderator but now that I have to play on casual which I’m fine with but I keep disconnecting from it and it says
Disconnected from sever
The game is full please try again later
This has happened to me twice and after about 2mins of flying. If I’m disconnected but still in game do I get the xp and the landings still? Can anyone help

Can you provide a screenshot of the message. Sit tight for a bit as we investigate. Your XP and flight time should save to the server.

For the time being:

  • Just make sure you have a stable internet connection.

  • Ensure you aren’t backing in and out of the app.

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Ok i will just play for a bit to get it to say the message

Restart your device and try again. Also try another airport after the restart. Let us know what happens.

Thank you I have restarted my device and am now flying from EGLL I will tell you if it happens again at EGLL

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Don’t be alarmed. A server restart is coming so continue on as you were.

A broadcasted message may sound and annunciate soon ;)


Thank you so much for your time it’s working now. I now know where to get my IF answers. Once again thank you