I just witnessed a ww2 era plane crash

Ok, this was the most craziest thing I’ve ever seen,

My dads boss owns a plane, I feel really bad because I can’t remember what it’s called but It’s grey and yellow and it might be German, anyway
My dad and his boss are actually ‘friends’ and we were invited to see it land in our airfield, my dad was in the gunman seat.

We were waiting for around a hour before we heard it coming and it was a perfect approach to the runway. I could say in the last 10 seconds it went so bad, for some reason the plane locked towards the left and pretty much did a barrel roll, but half way through the tip of the wing hit the ground and it kinda somersaulted.

Obviously the plane was pretty much destroyed, my dad and the pilot are kind of bruised and the pilot had a broken wrist but everyone is ok.
Now obviously there will be some sort of private investigation to see what happened but me being only 14 I doubt I’d get that infomation so this is why I made this post, it looks likely that the rudder locked or got stuck but…


I’ll try get photos up but I probably won’t be able to, it’s a privately owned airfield and he likes to keep quiet about his riches and what he owns so it might be taken away before the morning lol, it’s to dark at the moment anyway.


@ColonelJeff… Traumatic experience, glad everybody got out with only minor injuries. I’d like to know the aircraft type and airfield ID so I can search for the Accidant record in AvSafety. Hang in there and hold your Dad close, he’s a lucky man!


Sure thing, I’ll try get whatever infomation I can on it but it’s probably not even there, they pretty much rebuilt it in a barn, I think my dad is more worried about the hard work that went into fixing it up when the first brought it ;) thanks anyway

I also just realised what you said ( airfield ID ) it might not be a official airfield as it was built by my dad and has only been used 10 times max, its pretty much just ground and a shed but it looks a lot more sleek

@ColonelJeff… Know about those improvised dirt field Colonel. Just the Aircraft type and nearest city and country will bo me. Thanks, Max

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Glad everyone is OK.
We could discard the plane being a German fighter due to them being single seaters, a trainer like the Bücker Jungmann Bü 131 or a Bü 181 Bestmann, but you said it was grey and yellow, and I wasn´t able to find one of those two with the colours you mentioned.
Was the plane a biplane or monoplane?


Urghghh, I’m not sure, I only fly planes on Infinite Flight,

Dads in America on work so I’ll give him a call when he’s free,

Might have been british,

Anyway thanks all,

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Oh man. That would be traumatic. I hope they are okay and recover quickly.

Oh crap! Hope he is OK.