I just want to say thank you!

Recently, I’ve come to realise that I haven’t thanked the developers, moderators, and the community members that have helped shape this game to what it is today, and all the help they have provided for me and many other members. When I first purchased Infinite Flight, I didn’t know a lot about aviation and aircrafts. I have gained a lot of experience over time. I really don’t think I would have all the knowledge I have now about aviation if I hadn’t purchased Infinite Flight. I’m not saying that it changed my life Completely, but it has encouraged me a lot more to get a job in the field of aviation, preferably a pilot. So once again, thank you Laura and Co for making a fully fledged flight simulator (that is still continuing to grow everyday), thank you moderators for helping me along the way on the Community forums and keeping the Community in tip-top shape! And thank you to ALL the community members that have given me very helpful tips.

Thank you guys so much!



Wow the nicest thing an IFC member has done. At least any IFC member I know


Like catcher unmasked


Well said! This game it’s the best flight simulator I ever touched…many diversity of planes and liveries, multiplayer mode and much more!


Perfect statement! Especially the diversity of this amazing community!

That is exactly the story I have.

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See? Devs, mods, ATC, recruiters…there are pilots who stand behind you 100% :) thank you to all your hard work

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