I just say this happen at eddf on expert and wanted bring this to everyone’s attention (eddf runway 7c)

2 Guys landing at the same time on the same runway
Expert server, around 13:00Z

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Last 2 screenshot were taken after the md11 left the runway

Hey, sadly when there is no ATC active things happen. But we do not publicly shame people on this form

Read this post of mine below. That has more detail :)


Hello! This is very unfortunate. Due to the uptick in users due to quarantine and the new update, many inexperienced users will be able to make it to expert server. Unfortunately there is nothing that can really be done.

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i dont want to hate them, just posted this so people can see this

With COVID-19 there is an increasing amount of traffic on the servers. So people might be joining the Expert Server not fully knowing the rules.

When there is ATC they will get a Level 3 violation. When there is not there is nothing you can do…

You will just have to put up with the old troll. Sorry.


Also, server might have just ate it. At least something is up with my device. I think hitting the server is too slow RN. May the second person landing lagged out.

Hey there! I was the tower and ground controller at EDDF, I closed the frequency at the same time they called inbound, when I closed the frequency they were In this position

The one behind probably didn’t kept a good separation and just went really close from the first aircraft as didn’t had active ATC at the moment.
What a shame that this hapenned, If I was still controlling for sure you wouldn’t have to see this

nice, yeah i was Tui028. i saw the MD-11 land first and wanted to make a nice screenshot so i went to the wingview and suddenly i saw a 772 right behind it and was like what the **** like this is expert server, this shouldn’t have happend

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Would you actually be allowed to issue a ghost for that, since it happened about 5000ft?

Expert Server at a glance:

  • Landing to violation ratio requirements were increased
  • Landings required for Grade 3 were increased.
  • Many other reforms have been carried out over time.

Despite all this, we still see such incidents. I’m sorry that you witnessed that. Such pilots should know that actions have consequences hence why I made this feature request as the best way to deter such erratic behaviour.

Honestly don’t know what the reason for this would be. Probably not the case here, but the pilot in front could be “break checking” the pilot in the back, which makes it hard to assign fault.

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Public shaming doesn’t quite help here. Unfortunately, this happens when you play in a multi player environment.