I just performed a little experiment...

Who sees the mini vortex behind the winglet?

  • Humidifier (on high)
  • A model aircraft

Here’s another one: (look at the left of the fog and go up from the winglet to the top of the picture, it’s very noticeable)

Now I took this:

And created these!:


where did you get that airplane from?
Btw I see the vortex it is so cool

My mom got me it from Hungary

Oh then nvm

So cool I wish I had a humidifier them I could do the same thing


@Frontierfan2004 I added more!

Tried this with a model Delta 747, jetBlue A320, and Condor DC-10 to no avail.

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Weird… -_____-

Ok that’s cool


My humidifier is pretty slow. Not as condensed as yours

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That may explain it

And I thought I was the only one who did that… Nice job!

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