I just need a reminder

So I got 4 violations last week and I got pushed back to grade 2 and I looked at the grade table and I saw that I just need a minimum of 3 violations to get back to grade 3 is that correct?


If that’s what the grade table says then yes. You will need to wait 7 days though from the point of the 1st of the 4 violations


So I will have to wait until the 23 to fly on Expert server again because I got those violations on the 16th ok Thanks @Chatta290!


I really think Regulars should be exempt from violations 😉😋


Now that is something I can stand by.


Sounds like a cool idea, even though I’ve never received a violation and even a ghost.


Mate! You haven’t lived! 😄


@azeeuwnl… MaxSez, LOL, What’s a Regular? Why should they get a pass? Is it because “they” bloviated a lot via regurgitating on the Forum? Have high XP or thousands of Hours in their logbook, Not!
Give us a hint Weesey. No milk of human kindness from me on this one old friend. G’day, Max


They’re just better people Max. They must be, otherwise they wouldn’t be Regulars 😘

I’m just way to irregular to be a regular. But I do see you regularly, so…yeah…🤯

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@azeeuwnl MaxSez: “Better People” … Pejorative comment withheld! The irregular Regular over stuffed ego elitist side is evident, this comment. CLOSED… PM Pls. G’day, Mad Max


TBH it happens to everyone some times

Perhaps regulars if they get a viloation or ghosting it should be double what a non regular gets as a punishment because they should know better ;-)


@David_Lockwood. MaxSez:

Hi SeaFarer… Well Said my legacy friend. Lest we forget.
Respectfully, Max

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That debate was way too intellectual for me


You need more fibre in your diet then…

I will get my coat


The whole story was that I was descending at 300+knots and I went to go and have dinner and when I came back I got all the violations

I thought being a regular meant you had ascended to the god tier of IF. Tens of thousands of people dedicate their careers to becoming regulars on here. This incident is causing me to question that perspective on the matter.

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Uhh that’s your own “Understanding” Some “Regulars” Have less then 500 hours. Some have thousands. We’re all humans. IF and the IFC are “Associated” With each other, but doesn’t mean a regular will remember everything. Being a regular on the forum means you’re here regularly and helping people regularly. Doesn’t mean you fly often and know everything right down to the bone.
Any who, pm for further discussion. this went way off.

That’s exactly my point^

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