I just made grade 2...

I’m pretty nervous about stepping up the level! Lol

I’ve flew simulators for a few years but having recently discovered it for my iPAD, I’m finding IF is really great! It’s still a bit of a learning curve but I’m hoping my foray into the training level will see me progress really well!

I only fly the Cessna 127 - jets really don’t interest me that much. That said, I do like the Citation X which I’ve flew a few times - and I do want to fly around the world - which means I’d have to get creative with flight plans for the 127! The Citation would be cool for this but it’s hard to find a good tutorial on it - I resorted to FS2004 info to get me started.

Anyway. Can’t wait to interact with real ATC - but honestly, it really does make me nervous!

Wish me luck!

See you around maybe!


Congrats welcome to TS! However please refrain from posting about leveling up a Grade in the future thanks!

You can check out My topic and look at the replies to see why!

Fair warning before entering the training server:

Not everyone on there knows what they’re doing (as pilot or ATC). It’s a learning server, so naturally there will be a lot of inexperienced people. Now, there are some people who do know what they’re doing, but just don’t be surprised if you see any that don’t. But hey, once you get to grade 3, you can fly on expert. Keep it up and you’ll be there in no time!

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Congratz and welcome to TS :D! I think you’d like it more than the casual. Since it is more realistic hehhe

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Congrats on grade 2! I look forward to seeing you in the Infinite skies!