I just got grade 3 , Any tips to not be annoying?

What are YOUR best personal tips for me?


First and most important, follow all ATC instructions, no matter how silly they might appear to be. Second of all, if there is no ATC, look at FlightRadar24 which runways are being used at that moment, and use that one even if it shows as red. And please, use realistic planes, I hate to see Ryanair in Hong Kong


Follow ATC instructions, don’t get too wild with “unrealistic planes” i.e RYR in HK would look really silly as thats 100% impossible and nobody would actually try that out vs JBU or DAL A220 from Boston to LCY, thats not a real route but it isn’t totally far out there. Regardless nobody is stopping you from flying whatever, maybe a Ryanair 737 would be in HK for some sort of maintenance. 2nd most importantly learn to takeoff and land softly and be very aware of your surroundings.


Always follow ATC ( if you don’t you will get a Lvl 3 violation which bans you from the Expert Sever for a week), don’t be annoying, respect others when flying, don’t spam Unicom when ATC isn’t present, try be realistic

my best would be to use IF discord to ask for any doubts on what some commands mean or anything tbh, just follow ATC rules and their callouts, would tell you for now don’t go to very busy events or frequencies to avoid doing mistakes which could result in violations. Would tell you to stick with commercial jets for the time being!

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Do not taxi to fast or to slow that will be really annoying, follow ATC instructions if you don’t want to be disconnected, when you are flying to the east use FL310,330,350 etc west use 300,320,340 etc. in China please using metric altitude according to this sheet

Do not fly too fast!! That’s the most important
Enjoy your flight in expert!


I beg, Please please please, Dont use strobes when taxing only when entering an active runway. Dont use 100% for takeoff. dont taxi too close behind others. Also dont speed up on a taxi way just so you can be first for takeoff.


PLEASE don’t spawn in at an airport 5 minutes away from a busy airspace with an A380, then jump the line and cut people off on final. Please


What a lovely topic, it’s great to see people trying to learn instead of just going with the flow!

No one has priority.

Just follow ATC instructions, ask questions here in the forums or on Discord if you have any.
LDG and Strobe lights when entering an active runway (Not a big deal anyways), be respectful of others, yield to others if they’re not as nice as you and trying to cut the line.

And seriously, have fun, fly the plane and livery you want, where you want, the possibilities of this sim is Infinite. (Obviously not A380 out of Lukla, but I’m sure you get my point). Don’t listen to people complaining about your flying a Ryanair 737 out of China, do it if you want, just be respectful and follow instructions meanwhile and you’re good.

I look forward to seeing you in the Expert Skies!


There is also that post called like “welcome to expert server: how to stay here” or something like that. I can’t find it but I’m sure someone else will link it.

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I get it, but I don’t think my post had to be flagged.


Just follow the rules and just give space and respect to other pilots in the air or ground. Most importantly have fun because this is just a game/hobby.

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Also follow ATC’s instructions and directions even if they seem silly and you may think what’s the point if there aren’t any planes near you (I learnt this out the hard way)

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Hello, @Lunar!

I highly recommend going through the ATC Communication in the Flying Guide. ATC Comms can be confusing for starters on Expert Server and it should get you covered on all aspects which are necessary for you.


For starters, you can’t go wrong by just following the ATC instructions. Secondly, mistakes happen but try to minimize them and just don’t be obnoxious, like cutting lines etc. Flying is a constant learning and when you finally get things right it feels rewarding. Welcome to grade 3 :)


Yeah, I was Grade 3 but I am still learning. I got a violation that shifted me down to Grade 2 so if that happens to you don’t be disheartened by it and quit IF. You are still learning even if it’s called the Expert Server


I’d say request departure to tower only when you’re next or already holding short the runway. So many people requesting departure when there are like 10 planes before them lol. Makes the job easier for ATC


Don’t cut other players in line for departure and don’t pull out on the runway in front of people about to land. Also give space between you and others, we’re at an airport not a carnival ride line

When they’re active, ATC are in charge (air traffic controllers) so if they tell you to slow down you slow down, if they tell you to expedite you expedite. When they aren’t active, act as if they are especially with other players around

My last tip is to have fun


When there’s ATC, not much to say other than follow instructions. Some basic things you should know are how to follow vectors, how to intercept, your pattern legs, and how to follow a sequence. Knowing these will get you through 99.99% of ATC interactions, I can only think of a handful of times I needed more than this (mostly for 360s and whatever). Remember that ATC is not out to get you, and it’s not that easy to get reported.

When there isn’t ATC, I encourage traffic deferral. If you’re arriving or departing from an airport and you see that there are other people using one direction on a runway, just follow them even if the winds are non favorable. It avoids a lot of conflict and saves a lot of headache. There’s always a temptation to go with the “I’m right” route but sometimes it’s best to be a little wrong to help things go smoothly. Follow the golden rule of driving: when you fly, you’re flying 3 planes. The plane ahead of you, the plane behind you, and your own plane.

One last thing, please fly any plane, any livery, any time. This is a game, and everyone can play it their own way. If you want to do a 19 hour flight in a 737, go for it. If you want to fly Southwest in Europe, go for it. People who complain about that need to just go fly IRL.


Ignore atc, taxi through grass and take off and land on the taxiway. Hope this helps ;)