I just got five violations

So I just woke up and my WOW Air A330 has crashed along with five violations all because of the plane not responding to me. Has this happened to any one else as well?

It didn’t respond to you because you were asleep.


Did you run out of fuel? If so this is what happens, the fall from cruise alt to when you crash will usually give you 5 violations.

So I took off a 5:00am in my time zone a 10 minutes after takeoff the plane stalled

And what altitude did you climb to? How long was the flight?

What was your VS?

I had 18+hrs of fuel

Or you could just share the replay file


Yeah, @Marc has the right idea. Please share your replay, or at least from the moment where it began the fatal descent.

How do share replays?

This basically tells the story. 99,9% the cause was too heavy for the climb rate.


Weird, I once fell asleep and ran out of fuel in a a320, it crashed but it glided down to the ground…
(2 days ago)

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I took some pictures of the dive from the replay

This was not me flying the plane I was asleep

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What time in the stages of flight did you go to sleep? During takeoff? At cruise?

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Right after takeoff


Why would you leave your flight before reaching cruise straight after takeoff? And why so fast?


On average, it takes my 13 minutes to climb to cruise. What altitude did you go to?


Ok. That’s our problem. Never leave your flight during the main stages of it. Always be with your flight from Takeoff to cruise, and from cruise to landing. You need to be there to recover it if it stalls, overspeeds, etc.

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