I just got a violation on training server

Can someone please remove this from my record? I had to start from KMCC. On training server??? It starts me on the runway, and i get ghosted for inactivity? it’s not active?? Whats up with that? That knocks me to grade 3… I follow the rules, look at my record… I don’t get this?

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Could you please clarify? What did the report say?

You were probably reported for inactivity on the runway, and that’s a game “Report” Aka a session ghost


On training server? I’ve never had this happen

Did you get ghosted for being idle on the runway? System ghosts still happen, please open the log book, and send us a screenshot of what it says for the ghost reason. Thanks! 😁


Yes it said iddle on runway, so I gave it throttle and started rolling… That’s when I got ghosted


If assume you just didn’t move enough in time. System ghosts still happen on TS, next time just move off the runway if you need to sit for a bit.

Wow! I did not know that!! Good Intel, ill remember this!

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No problem. Happy to help, if you have to figure out a flight plan or something just make sure you aren’t on the runway, only way to avoid this… 😁

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Will do! Thank you!

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As always here to help, have a good day! 😁🙋🏻‍♂️

@Mikey1974 I changed the title to “violation” instead of “ghosted” because they are two different things. A ghost is a report made by a player. A violation is made by the system.

Nope, he got system ghosted, that happens if you do certain things like sit on the runway (what happed here) or get repeated violations. His title was actually accurate, I would recommend you change it back… 😉

The log book says violation.

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True, it does, but I’ve had this happen to me before, it does ghost you, so it is a ghost, the idea is to make you disappear so you don’t clog up the runway…

He was taken out of the game for Runway Idle. Which is 1 violation. Not a ghost.

He was knocked down the Grade 3 for the Violation. Ghost would have brought him down to Grade 2

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There were factors involved you are not getting, I was unaware of this violation existing, which did indeed cause a ghosting, hence my post… The violation did degrade me to grade 3 but I do understand that this can happen now and will adjust my flights in a more speedy manor… Also, the airfield in question would not allow me to spawn anywhere but the runway, I was busy configuring my flight agenda… So imagine my surprise when I see a warning pop up amidst my flight planning, I did not move the aircraft in proper time limit, and got ghosted. I promise you it won’t happen again, because I will not put myself in that position! Simple lesson learned!

@Mikey1974. MaxSez: Lesson Learned Mick! System Start on the Threshold is routine for non-B small aerodromes… Next time immediately taxi off the active, Plan on the ramp. MaxSends

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Unless you are at least at a Class C aerodrome it is not a good idea to realistically go from a cold start as some times you will start right on the runway so always check your spawning area on the location map first otherwise you will get a runway idle violation before you can move your aircraft !