I just fell through the map please help

I fell through the taxi way at LAX while flying on expert server was very sad since I received one violation for doing aerobatic maneuvers :(

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Did you clear your scenery cache?

Yes I have

Clear scenery restart device :)


Contact a @moderators to get violation removed

But I received a violation with it hopefully there can be something done about it :/

Just told you that :))^^^

Thanks I’ll restart the device as well

If okay with topic creator…Topic can be closed issue resolving in progress :)

@Gerardo_Chaparro mark this as the solution. Then I’ll flag this for closure.

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Good luck has happend to me before…try close app before a violation is received that is best number one reaction…good luck they should remove it :)!

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Thanks mate!

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That happens to me from time to time, kind of annoying when it does but there is a pretty simple fix, and it’s only like a 10 minute or so delay to redo preflight and all that. Just clear the scenary cache and restart the app.

Thanks pal will do

Same Thing Happend to me!