I just experienced something really weird while connected to hotel Wi-Fi

I was looking at the A220 routes article and when I tried to go back to the main forum page I got an alert saying that my connection was not private and that IFC was not a secure website. I was connected to a public hotel Wi-Fi using Safari on my IPhone while doing this.
Has anyone else experienced this while trying to use IFC on public Wi-Fi. I’m just curious. :)

Yep. Some inflight WiFi will do this to me. 👀

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Was it trying to connect to community-infiniteflight and not community.infiniteflight ? For the longest time I had a bookmark that had it saved with a dash and not a dot.

But it is public wifi, so that could be the reason itself

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As a rule of thumb, never trust a WiFi network without a password. This is because that password is more than just a way to authenticate you onto the network - it’s also a way to create secure encryption across the network. The way networks work actually give a lot of power to those running the network. Sure, they can see who’s on the network, but on a public network anybody can see who is on the network, and a lot of the time can see at least part of what they’re doing too. Furthermore, network admins can also stop certain data packets from reaching the internet, and instead return their own responses that look legitimate to your device. This is probably what’s happening here, the network is telling your device that the IFC isn’t secure (what it means is that your data isn’t being encrypted between your device and the server, it’s nothing to do with the IFC application itself). Public networks do this for a variety of reasons - sometimes to snoop on what you’re doing, sometimes to block malicious sites, and sometimes to prevent abuse, but often a combination of factors.

Basically, the reason that you’re being told the IFC isn’t secure is because, as far as your device knows, there’s no encryption when data is sent to the IFC’s server. But there probably is somewhere along the line - the network you’re on is just pretending there isn’t so that it can look at what you’re doing for whatever reason. Downside is, now anybody on the network can also look at what you’re doing because it’s a public network.


There could also be those setting up fake public networks to spy on your internet traffic to get passwords and the like


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