I just did a 50hr almost 3 day flight lax-lax

Welp. I just did a 50hour infinite flight flight from lax to lax in a NASA SOFIA 741. Cool right??

I took off from lax Monday night 3-1-21. I stopped at 3 different exotic airports to re-fuel. I landed back in lax on Wednesday night on 3-3-21 at 9:30 est.


Nice photos, and amazing flight time!

Unfortunately, the HUD as well as other controls are visible, which is not allowed per #screenshots-and-videos rules. I suggest cropping the images to make the HUD not visible, or take a 4K screenshot from the replay.

Thanks for understanding!

Very nice! That’s some dedication. Should have shared that final exp screenshot after you ended it 😅.
I’ve been thinking of trying to set up some type of equatorial circumnavigation.

Looks all better now!

Thanks! I’ll try to figure out what’s going on with my screenshots tomorrow, it’s probably me not knowing what I’m doing.

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Which airports did you stop at?

Not really sure lol I’ll recheck my flight plan! But I know they were all on islands and were pretty exotic

There is the airport name and runway in the last picture

One of them was PGSN

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Your device must hate you now


his battery probably lost a month of its life from that flight


Amazing flight :)

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Amazing photos 🛫 I love this Airplane so much.🤗


Thats true, but if you think this was long, just see these records set by @iidvdii and @CrazyBee:
New Records Breaking - iidvdii
New Flight Time Record - Crazy bee

I still don’t know how their devices are still alive


Its alive and gets punished right now to breack my own 222hrs Rekord again 😂

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Wait are you flying again?

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Sure i am 😂

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That’s really cool photos .
Good work dear but can I asking you do you head West or East ?

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I was traveling west

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I’ll start a 300hr 😈