I just did a 18hr 1min flight KEWR to WSSS

I just did the longest commercial flight in the world! Newark New Jersey to Singapore on a Singapore Airlines A359.


Congrats! I still haven’t done that flight yet. Hope you had fun and if you want, you can share your photos of your flight in #screenshots-and-videos


That’s nice :)

I’d put it in #screenshots-and-videos though

And btw, this flight is now operated from JFK, not EWR

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Phew that’s a long time I’ve yet to do it.

Guys watch the repetitiveness


Coincidentally, I did WSSS-KEWR a day before your flight😂


I find it interesting they moved to JFK from EWR but I guess it makes more sense. Cool pic!!

Before EWR it was JFK

Ohhh ya I forgot that was back on the A340 I think.

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A native Singaporean here, SQ recently decided to use their regular A350-900 to fly WSSS-KJFK-WSSS which so happens to be a longer route than WSSS-KEWR-WSSS. So congrats!

Nice flight. Love the long hauls

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