I just bought the live for five dollars and I only have a few days left to get 5000 xp

This is terrible they took my money and I have two days left the graphics on the ground are terrible but the planes are good exspencive the c17 and the 787

The whole game is awesome! I’d love it bad graphics or not, and right now, the graphics are awesome! ✈️

I don’t care what the price is, and for all of the liveries, it’s a good price

5.000 XP can be earned in a few hours.
Take a big plane, find an airport with bad weather conditions and make some smooth touch & goes.
If I remember correctly you will get about 300 XP for each (smooth) touch & go.

I got 450XP

lol. So you spent 28 days not playing Live and now you want to get 5,000 XP? Btw: get the yearly membership for $50. It get’s you Live access for 1 year, plus all planes, liveries, and regions for free.