I Heard Something in Chat on YouTube about the 22 point something release

So today I watched earlier the previews of a 22.something release. Somewhere there was a comment and response about Google Earth level streaming graphics or something and Microsoft and what going to it would mean a more expensive Pro subscription.

I’d rather give $15 a month to IF than HBOMax, just saying.



I have not heard anything about that so far…?

It was a random question in YouTube chat, nothing more and casual answer by Laura

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I pay 19.95 a month for an IMDBpro subscription to control my my movie credits and would pay just as much for fast track solutions to player’s requests. I also pay for lots of on demand video services because my kids want them but that’s me

For the record, I did cancel my HBO Max subscription and another to to pay for IF Pro. I only get so much money form the VA and my USAF retirement. Still gotta make the rent payment, car payment and live on Ramen Noddles and some cheese and Kroger Deli Meat but will still pay more for IF for better stuff quicker than an original Netflix or Disney thought

Side note, not getting rid of Netflix to pay for IF. HBO Max yes, Netflix no… gotta get my Ricky Gervais

Some people say 9.99 or 10.99 or 14.99 is too much for a subscription. As a dad, I pay every month for every streaming streaming service. I’ve bought more fantasy horses, 6 farms and more gold that an Irish leprechaun.

No she was saying if they got Google photogrammetry like MSFS do all our subscription prices would rise as they wouldn’t get it for free like msfs.

Yeah, and I was saying I would pay for that on top of my daughters virtual horse and farm, my other daughter’s virtual unicorns and my son’s Sith Lord Sith army. I would have to cancel HBO Max to pay for it. Besides IF Is better entertainment than HBOMax. Honestly, don’t know what exactly my kids are playing but it’s in the spectrum. They just ask what they can charge on the Apple Card

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