I have tried everything but my game still crashes

I was flying today from ELLX to VTBS on the 747-8, but after a 9:50 Hrs of flying my game crashed on short final😠. I have tried every thing possible to minimise my RAM usage but it still crashed so often. You can also see on the screen shots below that my graphics are low and anti aliasing is on.

Are there any apps or third-party applications running in the background of IF?

What device are you on?
What are your graphics settings?


Clear the scenery Cache.

@Chris_S He said his graphics are low I had some issues before but have been resolved with a restart of the device

@Ross - stop. That is not the solution to everything, which i assume you think based on your recent posts. Not want to sound harsh, but providing inaccurate information repeatedly without understanding the issue is problematic.


@Thunderbolt I don’t use any third party apps as the use a lot of ram space.

@Chris_S I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6edge 128GB 3GB ram. I restart my device before every Flight or ATC session. And my graphics settings are low during all my flights, and I turn brightness low and sound off during cruise. I also put a fan in front of my device to cool it down when crossing turbulence.

This issues should have been patched in 20.1 did you update

How old is your device? If it’s more than 2 years old then the crashes can be due to the fact that your device is just too old and doesn’t have the required performance to run Infinite Flight. I used to play on an iPad Air 2 which I got in 2014 but it’s gotten too old for IF sadly. I now play on another iPad which was bought earlier this year and it works great. If you’re considering in buying yourself a new device, I suggest getting a tablet if possible as it will have a longer lifespan than a phone.
Hope this helps!

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